How to Clean Kitchen Grout Tile Floor

How to clean kitchen grout tile floor? Whenever you need to clean your kitchen, you might only clean the cabinets and the floor but you never actually clean the grout. This is saddening us as the grout can actually be the nest of ants and you would not want to get your kitchen full of ants. Therefore, here is our recommendation on how to clean grout tile floor.

The things that you will have to prepare are vinegar and baking soda. Just like any other cleaning hacks, these two things come as a combo to help you cleaning your grout in the kitchen. Now, if you have prepared them, you will have to mix them into a paste. After that, prepare a clean towel that you would use to clean the grout.

After everything has been prepared, it is important to use gloves as you do not want to get your hands dirty. You can start cleaning the grout by rubbing the mix of vinegar and baking soda to the grout thoroughly using the clean towel. You need to make sure that you are cleaning the grout thoroughly as you would not want to leave any dirt on it.

If you are doing this thing thoroughly, you can see the grout starts to turn back to how it used to be. The color starts to get lighter and you can see them getting cleaner. This is why it is important to clean the grout. As you can see, the dirt that got on the grouts is actually long time dirt that hasn’t been cleaned for probably years.

How to Clean Kitchen Grout Tile Floor