How to Clean Toilet Ring Stains at Less Than $25

Calcium, lime, magnesium and iron, are naturally found in hard water. The ring stains attached to your toilet is caused by those elements. The stains may come in green or brown ring stain. Now, we are will inform you three easiest ways how to clean toilet ring stainsfor a cheap living cost.

  • Lemon and Salt

Prepare a lemon and cut it into two pieces. Spread the salt on the top of lemon surface that contains the essence. Any kind of salt is possible. After that, scrub that half piece of lemon to the entire toilet bowl surface that is full of stains. You may repeat this process by adding the extra salt again 3 or 4 times more to get the maximum result.

  • Bar Keeper Friend

This product is very easy to find at any store, mainly at Wal-Mart. This comes in liquid and powder. You can afford this from $1.92 to $30. First, get ready your liquid or powder Bar Keeper Friend, a sponge or a scotch bright pad, and an empty container. First, make sure to dry your toilet bowl from any water by using plastic glass and sponge the remaining water. Put the water in the empty container. If it is a liquid product, pour the liquid to the scotch or sponge and scrub it to the ring stain. For the powder, pour down the powder to the toilet bowl and scrub it until the stains vanished.

  • Vinegar and Screwdriver

You only need $2 for a bottle of vinegar and a ready screwdriver at your home. First of all, dry the toilet bowl and pour vinegar as much as the stains area. Let it seat and wait for 3 until 6 hours. After 3 to 6 hours, flush the toilet. If you can see a remaining stain, use the screwdriver to scrub the stain areas. People mostly use a pumice stone, but it is better avoid pumice since it can scratch your toilet surface.

How to Clean Toilet Ring Stains at Less Than $25