How to Get a Dog to Use the Bathroom Outside

No one says that training a dog to use the bathroom outside is easy. It is not, honestly. That said, with enough time and patience, it is possible. And the result will be worth having. The key here is consistency. The more consistency in your dog’s life, the quicker you will see the result of the training. Here’s a simple guide on how to get a dog to use the bathroom outside.

You need to create a routine. To get the result you wanted, you need to put your dog on a regular schedule. To start the training, take your dog every hour, after eating, after their naps and play sessions. When you do so, choose a spot outside designated as the bathroom. Each time you take your dog out; go to this spot through the same door. Using words such as “go potty” is a good idea when your dog is outside.

Supervision and Confinement

When your dog is inside the house, supervise it at all times. When you see signs of possible elimination, take them out immediately to the bathroom spot. In case you can’t supervise your dog, confine them to a comfortable crate. Take them out when you let your dog out of its crate.

If you catch your dog eliminating inside the house, interrupt it by making a quick, loud noise (a handclap will do). Then, immediately take them out to the bathroom spot. Praise them and give them a treat. If you do this consistently, your dog will learn to use the bathroom outside. Again, the key is consistency. Also, don’t punish your dog for accident.

How to Get a Dog to Use the Bathroom Outside