How to Hide Wires behind TV Stand?

TV wires are often neglected. Many of homeowners don’t manage them properly. This of course creates unsightly wires. If you have this problem, you might have asked yourself, “How to hide wires behind TV stand? To manage your wires, it requires a little bit amount of your time and some easy to get items. Here’s how you can do it.

First, let’s see the tangle of wires under the TV stand. Then, get some cord clips. String the wires behind the TV stand. If you have router on the TV stand, you can hide it in decorative box. You can also hide your lamp cords behind a baseboard as well. If you want your wiring not visible, you can use Flat Wire and attach it to the wall and paint it over.

Another way you can hide your wires is to disguise them with paintable cord covers. To keep these cords out of sight, you can use items like binder clips. If you want to hide your charger, place a power strip in the nightstand.

To further manage your wires, feed the cords from your TV through the wall. You can always drill holes in the wall to hide wires. However, if you don’t want to do it, you can hide your wires inside curtain rod cover.

How to Hide Wires behind TV Stand?