How to Keep Cat off Table

Does your cat keep bothering by climbing or jumping to the table? Do you want to know how to keep cat off table? There is a lot of ways to do it. So, no need to worry if one method is not working since you can try the others. Without further ado, here’s how to keep cats off tables and furniture.

First thing in how to keep cat off table is to make the table less appealing.  How can you do it? Buy one of the plastic carpet runners and place them upside down on your table, making the nubs to stick up. You can get these items from office supply stores. It may be uncomfortable for a while, but we assure you it will be worth doing.

Give your cat attractive alternatives. Give them some high places that they can go to. For example, shelves on the walls or a cat tree. To make it attractive, you can rub catnip on it. Or, create a routine where you pet, praise and feed your cat on it. Next time your cat is on trying to get on the table, pick them up and put them to the designated areas. Give positive attention while your cat is on it.

In case your cat won’t get off the table while you are working with food, you may want to confine them.  Be sure to have bedding, water, toys and a litter box inside the cage. And, let your cat as soon as you are finished.

How to Keep Cat off Table