How to Make a Table Pad Protector by Your Own Self

You might want to know how to make a table pad protector now. They are trying to protect an heirloom or their table is just too expensive to be scarred, many people would do anything to protect their tables. One of the ways is by adding a protector pad. As it gives protection towards the flat surface of the table, many people have started to use them.

However, no matter how much we like it, we cannot deny the fact that table protector pad is just too expensive for some of us. Many of us cannot afford to buy them or sometimes we choose to spend our money more on something else instead of a layer of protection pad. You do not need to worry! When the real protector pad is too expensive to afford, you can make it by yourself!

All you need to prepare is sewing supplies, iron, tablecloth fabric, and an insulated fabric. To start, measure the dimensions of the surface of the table and add 6 inches more before you cut the insulated fabric according to the measurement. Cut two tablecloths with the same measurement. After you have gotten the fabrics ready, make a sandwich within the fabrics with the insulated fabric in between the other two.

All you need to do to finish the whole process is just to sew them all into one and your protector pad is ready for use. Do not forget to make sure that the patterned sides of the tablecloths are facing outward so you can see them decorating your table prettily. How is it? Are you ready to protect your beloved table and also to decorate them?

How to Make a Table Pad Protector by Your Own Self