How to Make Carpet Tiles for Bathroom Floor Work

Use Carpet flooring for bathroom? Well, that may sound like a horrible idea, yet it actually can work. While it’s true that there are some tricks to make this work without you having to worry about damages by moisture, carpet tiles for bathroom floor are still possible anyway. Pay attention to the bathroom carpet advice tips below!

The material matters for carpet tiles for bathroom floor to work, and manmade materials are most recommended for this purpose. Avoid carpeting made from organic materials, like wool, and go for polyester, olefin/polypropylene, PTT, or nylon instead.

It’s also best to keep the pile of carpet tiles for bathroom floor low; lower pile means less thick, which will absorb less moisture. Also, lower pile carpeting can dry faster. This surely is a great benefit to free you from worry!

The subfloor is also important to make bathroom carpet flooring work; concrete is the choice to go, including laying concrete backer board over the existing subfloor. And last but not least, consider installing the carpet flooring squares. Their designs are modular, so when any damage should occur, you can replace only the damaged area individually. Installation for carpet square tiles is also easy and can be done as a quick DIY project.

How to Make Carpet Tiles for Bathroom Floor Work