How to Make Quilted Table Runners with No Minor Mistakes

Knowing how to make quilted table runners is something that many people capable of. This capability would be something so useful for your house. When holiday is coming soon, you might want to get your dinner table ready with every holiday meals that you are going to prepare for your big family. You might as well make a quilted table runner to make the dining table less boring.

Quilting is not something that is too difficult to start. When you want to start learning quilting, making simple table runner is definitely the best way that you could start with. It is not something so difficult, but it is also very useful and you can use the table runner for your own dining table. However, there are some things that you have to pay attention to.

Many people make small mistakes in making a quilted table runner. One of them is not adding extra size to the backing fabric and the batting. It might look like something so minor but it gives a big impact to the quilted table runner. When you wash the table runner, any fabric shrinkage should be expected. Therefore, it is wise to give extra space for the fabric to shrink so that you won’t have to deal with a super small table runner.

The second minor mistake that people tend to make is not ironing the fabric first before the start quilting. You might think that ironing the fabric is only to make it look tidier. However, it has its own function in quilting. It is to help you sticking the backing fabric to the batting. Moreover, you would not want to have your quilted table runner sewed with a messy fabric, would you? Therefore, avoiding these small but fatal mistakes is important.

How to Make Quilted Table Runners with No Minor Mistakes