How to Make Your DIY Oblong Tablecloth on Oval Table

If want to make your DIY oblong tablecloth for an oval table, it is more complex for an oval table. Oval table has variant shapes unlike round table.  To make oblong tablecloth on oval table you must put the cloth on the table, measure the weight and make some important marks as reference. You have to make sure that the tablecloth is suitable for a more appealing oval table. Before starting, prepare things that you need. They’re tape measure, fabric, scissors, thread, straight pins, heavy objects, hem marker, and iron.

First, measure the length of your oval table. Add a few inches to the drop you want multiplied by two. Then add 1 inch to them. The length of the tongs depends on how long the drop you want. For short drops are usually requiring 10” to 12” while the medium drop takes 16” to 24”. For a long drop it takes 28 to 30 inches. Measure the width of the table then plus a few inches continuously multiplied 2. Give ½ inch for each sew panel.

Second, sew pieces of fabric together to make the width appropriate for your oval table. Pin the pieces together, according to the lines and design elements, and sew using 1/1 inch suture inserts. Record the cloth on the table and use heavy objects to hold it firmly in place. Pull the cloth gently to make sure it does not move.

Finally, pick up the hem marker, move around the table and make a soft cutter line around the table with a tailor pencil. It runs faster than using straight pins and carefully trimming the pieces along your cut line. Make a narrow elbow on your oval tablecloth because this is the simplest type to make on a curved edge. Press under the cloth at least 1/2 inch or just sew 1/2 inch hem all the way around the bottom edge. Turn again with 1/2 inch and stitch in the middle of the fold to finish the hem.

How to Make Your DIY Oblong Tablecloth on Oval Table