How to Put Curtains in a Bay Window Simple DIY

Bay window is like the standard one but having unusual feature that connects to the rest side of the house. Bay window can project the outside of the house that composes a bay inside the room. A lot of people still find difficulty how to put curtains in a bay window. Installing curtains for this bay window is quite complicated one.  However, you can put the curtains in a bay window by yourself, just follow this guide.

First, you must determine the angle of the curtain that needs to be folded. After that, stick the pieces of paper to cover the corner of the wall. Then, tear off the side board. Cut the galvanized pipe into 2 parts and measure how many pipes to use.

With $ 5 you can get curtain brackets and plug in each end and corner. Use 1/2 inch clutch and locking screws to connect 2 pieces of pipe. For hats mounted on each end of the pipe, attach a curtain at a low price and use the lid on it. You do not need expensive curtains for only covering the edge of the pipe.

Prepare a new curtain and Rustoleum Metallic paint. Paint the curtain with Rustoleum Metallic paint on the black hammer. Before painting, make sure to sand the metal that looks still rough. Make sure also used paint has a good gradient with curtains.

How to Put Curtains in a Bay Window Simple DIY