How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets White: Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If the cabinets in your kitchen are outdated and old, but still in a good overall condition, then repainting them will be a more affordable solution. There are so many kitchen cabinet paint colors you can choose to use in the room, including how to repaint kitchen cabinets white.

White, after all, is one of the popular neutral colors you can use flexibly. Also available in a wide array of shades, white can find its place to fit in any design style you prefer. From traditional and vintage to modern, from English cottage to contemporary, white kitchen cabinets will always be a wonderful choice.

How to repaint kitchen cabinets white? The best way is using a small roller and paintbrush. If you want your work to finish quick, use spray paint, although spray-painting tends to be tricky. Clear the room, empty your cabinets have the appliances and backsplash covered, remove all the hardware and drawers before painting.

Always start any how to repaint kitchen cabinets white project with properly prepping the entire surface so the paint will stick. Prime the boxes, drawers, and door fronts for a professional-style paint job prior to painting. Once you’re done painting, reinstall the drawers and cabinet doors, and install the hardware.

How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets White: Kitchen Remodel Ideas