How to Update Wicker Furniture for Fresher Look?

At some points it may be important to update and refresh the appeal of some furniture pieces as it is crucial to know how to update wicker furniture as one of many types of furniture. One of the most common ways in updating the look of furniture pieces is to apply a fresh new layer of paint. Even wicker furniture can be painted for a fresh new look.

Just as in dealing with other types of furniture aside of wicker furniture, cleaning the surface of the furniture is important in preparing the surface for the new layer of paint to be applied. It is somewhat tricky to clean wicker furniture.

The cleaning can be done by using a kind of high pressure car wash although it should be done in cautions. Whenever the furniture has been cleaned then it should be dried properly outside on a warm and windy day.

Once the surface is dried properly then it should also be sanded carefully before a new paint can be applied. Be sure to finish the new layer of paint by using a high quality top coat to enhance the appeal of the furniture even further in purpose of getting the best new look of it.

How to Update Wicker Furniture for Fresher Look?