How to Use Hoyer Sling for Toileting

Hoyer sling for toileting needs to be used very carefully. Some slings are easier to use, while some others are time consuming. For this reason, it is important to know how to use them. If you want to know how to use them properly, read on.

U-sling is, compared to the other slings, the easiest to use. Tasks such as transfer to bed, wheelchair and commode can be done with easy using U-Sling. This sling is for the patients who can sit up, even if they can do it only a little.

The patients will not sit on the sling once they are seated. To use it, you need to side the back support behind the patient. After that, you loop the leg strap parts around the leg of the patient. Attach the straps to lift cradle and raise the patient.

Compared to U-sling, full body requires more time and patience to use. To use it, lay the patient to one side. After that, fold the full body sling in half and slide the folded part under half the body. Next, roll the patient back the other direction. Grab and drag the folded part to the other side. Roll the patient again, this time back to a supine position on their back. Then, attach the sling to the cradle and raise the patient slowly.

How to Use Hoyer Sling for Toileting