How wide are Table Runners supposed to be?

Table runners offer a lovely alternative to place mats or tablecloths with their fancy look. When choosing the right table runners to use, design and color aren’t the only consideration to note in mind. You surely need to mind the size of the table runner, including figuring out how wide are table runners you should use.

The quicker way to figure out the proper width of table runners to use so they will fit your table properly is by checking out the table runner size chart. It goes without saying that the size of your table is an important consideration. This way, the table runners will not be too wide or too narrow for your table. Simply refer to the table size shown on the chart to figure out the ideal table runner width.

In general, table runners are measured from 14 to 17 inches wide. Even so, they can be customized easily to fit your table best. So, how wide are table runners? You can also measure it yourself, starting from measuring the table width first.

To find out how wide are table runners to use, choose a table runner that is about 1/3 of the table width. But if you make the runner yourself, add about 1 to 1 1/2 inches to your measurement for seam allowance as you cut the fabric.

How wide are Table Runners supposed to be?