Ideal High Toilets for Handicapped to Effortless Usage

High Toilets for Handicapped is suggested to have an additional height that has certain purpose of it. The extra height will make the handicapped users easier and more effortless in sitting and rising. The toilet seat is commonly designed at height range from 2” to 5”. This height range fits to those who often find difficulties in sitting and standing from toilet seat.

  • Hinged Elevated

Hinged elevated toilet seat is built of two parts hinged together. Those hinged parts allow the ring to come up like a common toilet seat. This toilet seat is set by maintaining design of the existing seat and lid without changing the toilet looks significantly. The seating position will be 3 inches high. This height allows an easy and forceless sitting and standing up. This hinged elevated toilet seat’s price is $ 93.43

  • Savanah Raised

Savanah raised toilet seating is easy to install and cleaned with hard surface disinfectants. The cost is started at $ 57.26. Savanah raised is a simple bathroom device. Even though it looks simple, but it is yet effective for simplifying the handicapped effort. This toilet seat is ready with 3 different heights, 2”, 4”, and 5.25”.

  • Extra-Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Legs

The $ 176.08 toilet seat is facilitated with extra legs and soft foam arm rest. The two extra features will help the users for sitting and rising. This toilet seat fits to those users who have huge weakness and incapability in balance of the lower parts. The height designed for this toilet seat is 4 inches.

Ideal High Toilets for Handicapped to Effortless Usage