Ideas for Centerpieces for Family Reunions Table

Centerpieces are important part of a family reunion table decoration. Because of this, they need to be stand out from the other yet still bring the decorations together. Need some ideas for centerpieces for family reunions table decoration? Don’t worry. They are easy to do and cheap.

You can use framed pictures as your centerpieces. For instance, you can use personalized frame for favors. Or, if you don’t have those, you can use different sized frames. Have pictures of the family members for every table. Shop around at local thrift stores for the frames and be creative with what you have.

If you have mason jars, you can use them as the centerpieces for family reunions table. As we all know, these jars are versatile. There are various ways to use them. As centerpieces, you can fill them with water and add fresh flowers. Even adding a simple bow for every jar will make them great centerpieces.

In a family reunion, why not use a family tree as the centerpiece? Well, of course, not literally a tree. Rather, a collection of branches and twigs with the pictures of your family members on it. Again, you can be creative with your centerpiece. For the ‘family tree’, you can leave them with their natural color. Or, you can paint them. Also, don’t forget to choose strong branches and twigs.

Ideas for Centerpieces for Family Reunions Table