Installing Curtains in Van: Interesting Options to Consider

By installing curtains in van, you will thus benefit from the privacy they provide, block out the light when sleeping, and enjoy a cozier camper or RV from the insulation provided during hot or cold days and nights. You will also need to install the right van curtain rods for the curtains to function accordingly.

Before installing curtains in van, know that you have many options to consider out there. Commercial products are available for you to buy anytime, yet always be sure that you have measured the size of windows accurately first before going to the store. Buying new curtains surely is a more convenient way. Alternatively, you can make the curtains yourself instead.

Be it commercial curtains or DIY ones; always remember that installing curtains in van, you may need to use curtain tracks for both below and above the window. It is especially true if the walls inside the vehicle curves in right at the point of your window. This configuration will keep the panel flatter against the wall, preventing the curtain from moving around.

Shades are also a great alternative, especially for the front and back windows. There are also various options for shades to install in a camper or RV, such as the sliding ones. This way, you will only need to pull the shade panel whenever you need to use it.

Installing Curtains in Van: Interesting Options to Consider