Keeping Litter Box in Bedroom Methods

Litter box might be the last thing that you want to keep inside your bedroom. The main reason is usually because of the smell and the messiness. However, if you have no other option other than keeping litter box in bedroom, there are several methods you would like to consider applying. Moreover, study says that keeping your pet litter box in your bedroom can bond you and your pet even more. So what are the keeping litter boxes in bedroom methods?

Keep the litter box far away from your bed as it can possibly be. You can also put it on a protective surface which is easy to displace and clean. It can be a piece of linoleum, tarp, or a rubber and plastic mat can help containing and preventing the spills and litter tracking. You may also want to place the box behind a decorative screen, plants, or any piece of bedroom furniture as a way to disguise the presence and it can also give your pet some privacy.

You can also buy the self-scooping litter box that automatically scoops waste into a disposable receptacle after use. It produces sound that may initially disturb your sleep, but it is better than going the whole night smelling stuffs. You can also clean the litter box regularly before you go to sleep so you wouldn’t be that much disturbed by smells. Using deodorizer, scented aromatherapy, or any commercial deodorant sprays can help reduce the smell as well.

In conclusion, you do not have to worry when you have to put your pet litter box in the same room where you sleep. There are practical methods you can easily apply including the placement, the kind of box, as well as method you can do to get rid of the smell.

Keeping Litter Box in Bedroom Methods