Kitchen Sink Clogged Past Trap – Simple Way to Fix it by Using Tools around You

Kitchen sink clogged past trap – Before you spend money on hiring a professional, find a way to fix it by using only tools such as bucket, drain plunger, and channel-type pliers. First, clean the drain using rubber cup-style plunger. It can be considered as first way that is commonly done by people. Place the plunger in the mouth of the drain. Pump it up and down in several times.

If the water is flowing smoothly then we need no other way. On the other hand, when the drain is still clogged, then people should at least disassemble the drain trap under the sink to eliminate anything that clogs the drain. To do so it needs a bucket because it will catch the water flowing from the sink. Now, remove the trap by loosen the slip nuts by hand holding the tailpiece and trap arm.

If you cannot use hands, then just use channel-types pliers. After successfully removed, empty the contents of the sink until clean. Because of its J-shape, it becomes a strategic location where dirt’s are accumulated and causes clogging. Use toothbrush to clean the remains that are still sticking in the spot or simply flush it with water. After that, reinstall the trap.

To assemble the trap, first to do is to tighten the slip nuts using channel-types pliers. Then, turn on the water to make sure the drain is clear and working. Make sure there is no leak too. If any, tighten the joints again but no need to be over tightened. Your kitchen drain is finally backed to normal again.

Kitchen Sink Clogged Past Trap – Simple Way to Fix it by Using Tools around You