Labor Cost to Install Toilet – Guidelines to Estimate Labor Costs

Labor cost to install toilet becomes one of things to go into the spending list. The cost estimation usually includes the costs for materials and equipments including shipping costs. It also includes the cost of strengthening and protecting the structure. Cleanup process also apparently requires cost planning as well. That is why many considerations to note as in cost for labor.

For labor itself, the costs will include setup time, mobilization time, and minimum hourly charge which are normally applied to install a toilet. So how much are needed? Toilet installation has several variations and range price. It depends on each requirement. For labor, it can be in the range of $90 – $180. In addition, it can be also from $120 – $250 if there are additional materials for the installation.

However, different things are seen when someone uses labor with a certified installer or licensed plumber. Their rates can range between $130- $180 only for the labor cost alone. For those who want to save budget, it is recommended to use local handyman instead. It saves up to 20%. Many contractors offer best deals on labor if the toilet installation is part of a larger remodeling project in the house.

The plumber also usually provides a fixed rate for standard toilet installation. As in a licensed plumber, they fix prices around $45 – $55 per hour of work. Professional plumber would be a good idea especially when it is related to water sources in toilet. That is why someone who has insurance and a good reputation is needed especially if he is a labor with plumber licensed.

Labor Cost to Install Toilet – Guidelines to Estimate Labor Costs