Lean against the Wall Shelves Ideas

Getting bored of the usual straight shelves at home? You can always try out the aesthetically designed new concept of shelves which is the lean against the wall shelves. These shelves can cave you up space as well as give you a change of look for any room where it is placed into. There are several decorative lean against the wall shelves ideas you can apply at home.

First one is what to put on the shelves. You can simply stack up your favorite books for easy reading or simply a decorative filling. You can also put plants in a pot for preferably indoor plants such as succulent for easy maintenance. These plants will give your place better oxygen as well as a more nature-looking atmosphere.

Second one is what color of shelves suit you better. People usually go with dark brown or light brown to represent the natural woody looking. The brown color also presents more vintage looking shelves. You can also paint the shelves with plain white color for a more modern look.

In conclusion, there are several ideas you can apply on your new lean against the wall shelves. The shelves are an appropriate solution for those who like to make use of space especially the plain walls, the shelves can be used as wall decorative furniture.

Lean against the Wall Shelves Ideas