Mice in Kitchen Drawers? 2 Things to Stop Them from Coming Back Again

Have you ever had a problem of finding mice in kitchen drawers? You might think that this is a very nasty thing to happen and actually yes it is. First thing that comes to your mind must be how can they get in and the next one is how to get rid of them. Well, getting rid of them is not by killing them of course, throw them at least 10 miles away from your house is a better option. How to avoid it from happening can be done by answering the question of how can they get in the first place.

First thing to do to deal with mice in kitchen drawers problem is that you shouldn’t make your kitchen drawers as an attractive place for the mice to play on. Don’t leave any foods even the smell; sweep the floor and the countertops regularly.

The next one is the entry. Make sure that they do not have any entry ways into your kitchen drawers. Look for any little holes or gaps between the drawers, behind your cupboards, or sink. This might be quite a troublesome job for you to do because mice can fit even on a hole as big as a dime.

In conclusion, the way to get rid of mice in the kitchen drawers’ problem is by throwing away the mice and preventing it from happening again. Do this by designing your kitchen drawers accordingly and pay attention to any gaps and holes that may become the entry way for the mice.

Mice in Kitchen Drawers? 2 Things to Stop Them from Coming Back Again