Options of Curtain Rods for Tight Spaces for You to Consider

When hanging curtains in odd spaces, such as in tight spaces or an area which window is against a wall, choosing the right curtain rods is a critical decision. There are some recommended types of curtain rods for tight spaces you should try.

Swing-arm rods are one of the curtain rods for window against wall or tight spaces. Featuring hinged brackets on one of the sides, this option can also be found with telescoping arms to allow you open the rod to certain angle. Alternatively, go for return rods which ends curve back to the wall, making the whole rod length usable.

If you plan to hang pleated headers in a drapery style, then we highly recommend you to look for no other than one-way draw rods. Choose one that will draw open away from the room’s crowded wall side. Also, you can use this to create an illusion of a taller ceiling by placing the rods higher.

Last but not least, go for the corner curtain rods for tight spaces for windows placed near the corner. Both traversing and pole styles are available with corner rods, including the bendable versions so that it’ll be easy for rod customization to the windows.

Options of Curtain Rods for Tight Spaces for You to Consider