Outdoor Kitchen Shed Ideas for Attractive Backyard

Outdoor kitchen shed is the best alternative if you have wide space in your backyard. You can access your own home style bar, seating areas, barbeque grill areas, and storage. They all become one place. You may choose your own outdoor kitchen shed with permanent or non-permanent window and roof.  There will be 3 different outdoor kitchen shed product to discuss here. You can do turn and remodel kitchen shed into your own bar, barbeque grills, etc. in barn style design.

  • Smart Store Gable SM2520 Karaka

This GM2520 provides much larger space for your item storage. It is very economical and strong. You can afford it with $899 for a maximum storage. It is available in karaka or zinc door color. It offers you an extra wide braced door which is very easy and comfy to access. Besides, it is easy to relocate and install.

  • Smart Store Skillion SM2007 Zincalume

Smart Store Skillion Series has a roof that slides forward in order to allow a hard seat on the fence or wall of the house. A space-saving solution is perfect for storing large quantities of household items. Only with $539 you already have a strong and large storage.

  • The Shed Smiths Classic Gable 1836

The Classic Gable warehouse is designed, sturdy, practical, and worth the money. This outdoor shed is sold with most of the constructions done for you already using the Framed Construction with walls pre-nailed and covered, greatly reducing assembly time on site. The classic Gable stream has a variety of options that can be tailored to your needs, or used for home storage.


Outdoor Kitchen Shed Ideas for Attractive Backyard