Oven Door Glass Replacement Cost Range

On a regular basis, oven glass door can indeed explode and shatter into pieces. Most people would think that this is a very unusually dangerous situation, but do not worry, it is safe and it is not as scary as you can imagine. This usually caused by steep and high temperature difference between the inner side and the outer side of the glass. You can simply replace the glass, but what does the oven door glass replacement cost range?

There is several glass doors used on ovens, but almost every oven door where the door is glass comes in two glass panels, one outer door glass and one inner door glass. When you have the pyrolitic or the self-cleaning oven there will usually be at least three oven glass panels with an additional glass which is needed between the normal two panels to make the outer panel goes within the British Standards for external temperature during a pyro cycle to decrease the probability of glass explosion.

The cost range differs for each oven glass door panel. The inner glass panel is usually much less pricey than the outer panel which ranges from about $30 until up to $104. The outer glass panel cost usually ranges around $150.

In conclusion, to replace the oven door glass, you will need a 2 panel of glasses. The inner panel usually cost less than the outer panel. However you can also buy packs which usually comes much less pricey than the prices of inner and outer glass combined.

Oven Door Glass Replacement Cost Range