Pearl Finish Paint for Walls – 4 Recommended Spots to Apply with Tips

Pearl finish paint for walls is on the next step after eggshell finish. It is also called as satin with gloss content of around 25%-30%. It is seen as reasonable for the gloss. First, it is widely used in the bathroom with ventilation that is mostly less than other rooms. It enhances a color better than flat and eggshell finishes.

Beside the bathroom, the pearl finish is also suitable to be applied in cabinet and furniture. Not as glossy as semi-gloss, the pearl is not shiny but it slays maximum to make the furniture looks stunning. Although glossy makes flaws in the piece more visible but the satin can still deceive or cover it since it does not look too sharp. Next, do not forget about front and interior door. For the sake of aesthetic, it is also perfect and looks great.

Fourth, brick or stone fireplace becomes the next spot that maybe not everyone is aware of it. It can be applied with pearl or satin as long as the brick or stone is painted with light colors. It suits both in eggshell and pearl effect though. As tips, for homeowners who are interested in applying the pearl finish by themselves in some places including those which already mentioned, they should apply a coat of protective finish.

It is applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Practice first using a practice board available in the store before actually applying to the intended spot.

Pearl Finish Paint for Walls – 4 Recommended Spots to Apply with Tips