Perforated Metal Bench for Decorative and Useful Outdoor Use

Perforated metal bench is furniture suitable for outdoor use. You can find it in many playgrounds, parks, and other public places. It is simple but very useful form makes the perforated metal bench widely publicly selected for use. This kind of metal bench is featured with durable and corrosive resistant thermoplastic layers on seats, backs, and legs. It is very comfy for seating due to its smooth seat surfaces. Here, we will give the review of perforated metal bench products and average costs to buy.

  • Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated metal mesh is constructed by metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing process. Sheet metal materials include aluminum, steel, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, brass, and so on. Perforated material is very versatile. From lightweight decorative elements to structural components of load bearings, hollow metal offers a unique opportunity to combine strength, function and beauty. This perforated metal mesh costs approximately $5 – $10.

  • Arlau Cast Iron Outdoor Bench Legs, Iron Frame Outdoor Waterproof Japanese Garden Benches, Perforated Backless Metal Bench

It costs a more expensive which is $80 – $150. The specific model is FS104 with steel as base material. It is finished by outdoor powder coating. It is suitable for outdoor, park, street, city, and other outdoor uses.  This product is anti-bending, high performance, durable, and anti-corrosive. This is made based on environmental standard

  • Perforated Metal for Bench

This bench is made of stainless steel wire that costs about $10 – $90 per set. The holes size is around 0, 2 mm – 20 mm and the thickness is 0, 3 mm – 10 mm. This product is provided with round and square holes. The model number is 009. This perforated metal bench is from Hong Ya brand.

Perforated Metal Bench for Decorative and Useful Outdoor Use