Putting LED Lighting over Kitchen Sink

Lighting is considered as one of the many essential aspects in designing a kitchen. Many people decided to use pendants lights, many others choose walkways lights, and the most trending one these days is putting LED lighting over kitchen sink. Many people have decided to put LED strip lights under their cabinets and make it work as task light.

Putting an LED light under your cabinet can be something functional. In fact, LED lighting under the kitchen cabinet and sink was in fact invented to help us focus more on our cooking. Instead of getting the lighting shot straight to our eyes, LED light under the cabinet and sink would focus straight to our foods. It gives you less unnecessary lighting on the work table.

As a decorative item, LED light under the cabinet and sink tends to be accompanied by pendants lighting. As a family kitchen is something that should also hold a lifestyle lighting that gives off a warm environment. Therefore, if you would want your kitchen to be more refreshing and heartwarming, it is suggested to put pendant lightings if you have dining table or pantry in your kitchen.

LED lighting under the cabinet does not always have to be accompanied by pendants. Sometimes, you can choose ceiling lightings depending on the mood that you would want to have in your kitchen. Not everyone wants their kitchen to be bright. Those who live alone tend to want their kitchen to be a little dimmed and in this case, ceiling light is the best option.

Putting LED Lighting over Kitchen Sink