Simple Home Tips How to Increase Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink

Increasing the water pressure in your bathroom sink is a challenging and unpleasant job. There are many factors that cause your water pressure to be low or decrease. However, there are also many solutions of how to increase water pressure in bathroom. The first thing you should do is find out the source of the problem why the water pressure is low.

When your water pressure is low in your bathroom sink, it may be a simple issue of buildup of mineral deposit on your fixture. This is particularly happening to home that experiences hard water due to mineral deposit. There several solutions that might help you.

First, remove the faucet to see if the water pressure is stronger when the fixture is off. If yes, means the water is normal after removing faucet, soak the aerator into water and vinegar. After that, rub off the deposit. Finally, reinstall the fixture back.

Second, check whether your neighbors get a similar problem of water pressure as you have or not. If they are doing well, check if the main shut-off valve is totally open. If the valve is close, check if there is a leak, like water pooling in basemen, garage, or yard. However, if your neighbors have the same problem, install the water pressure booster to improve water flow can be perfect choice.

Simple Home Tips How to Increase Water Pressure in Bathroom Sink