Sit Up Bench Sports Authority to Build Your Ideal Body Muscles Easily

The sit-up bench sports authority can also be used for push-up exercises. The function is to train the muscle strength of the hands muscles, leg muscles, abdominal muscles and back muscles and chest. These exercises with sit-up bench sports authority become easier because sit up bench comes with a board of soft foam. Sit up bench has the main function that is for exercises becomes easy and effective. With this sit up bench tool you can easily perform sit ups that are more practical and right on target.


JIANUO is a multifunction sit up bench with bright steel and PU leather as the base materials. This sit up bench has adjustable height in 5 different sizes. It is provided with a resistant band and able to hold over 370 pounds. It has comfortable foam for a comfy practice. This bench can be used for variant practices, such as sit up, back up, push up, etc. You can afford in $ 85.76.

  • Multifunction Sit Up Bench

The price of this sit up bench is $ 82.03. This multifunction bench makes exercise easier in one tool. This helps shape your stomach and leg muscles. Your dream and ideal body will come true since it can be used for both men and women. The sit up bench can also be used as a bench press, with you lying on top of this sit up bench while your hands holding a barbell.

  • Adjustable Sit Up Bench

Adjustable sit up bench can be used for sit ups only. It is made of solid iron with import quality. This includes inline, flat, and decline movements. This adjustable sit up bench is foldable and can be folded after you use it. Why is this $ 108.14 sit up bench adjustable? It is because the backrest and foot handle positions can be adjusted based on the user height.

Sit Up Bench Sports Authority to Build Your Ideal Body Muscles Easily