Small Ping Pong Table Dimensions

Do you love playing ping pong? If you do, you may want to buy a small ping pong table. A small ping pong table will allow you to play your favorite game, anywhere anytime. It is a good equipment to practice your skill as well. But how small exactly are small ping pong table dimensions?

Small ping pong table is considered as one of recreational ping pong tables. As such, it doesn’t have to meet the exact specification of an official ping pong table. And as the name suggests, they are smaller than official table. Many small ping pong table have dimensions of 84 x 42 inches. Some are even smaller.

There are lots of benefits of using small ping pong table. The first is obviously it requires small space to be set up on. So, in case you don’t have enough space for a full size ping pong table, you can go for a small ping pong table. Second, due to their size, they can be stored easily and don’t need too much space. Third, you can set them up and take them down easily.

If you are interested in buying one, the price range of small ping pong table is between $60 and $150. That’s right. They are cheap. A ping pong table is a good addition to your house, especially if you and your family love the sport.

Small Ping Pong Table Dimensions