Some Tips on How to Decorate Shelves in the Living Room

Shelves have different meaning today. Not only they store items such as books, they also serve as part of the decoration. Do you have shelves in your living room? If you have, you may want to read our tips on how to decorate shelves in the living room. Ready? Here they are.

If you want to decorate your shelves, you’d want to start with a clean slate. In case you already have items on the shelves, take them off. Give your shelves a thorough cleaning followed by cleaning those items. Next, visualize the shelves you are working with. Try to estimate how many items will fill the shelves.

The next step will be adding accent pieces. What is the largest piece of shelf décor you want to use? Is it picture frame, Vase, or perhaps statue? Whatever it is, they will be the focal point of the shelves. As such, they enable you to create a story around them. To make them stand out even more, you can stack some of books of your liking on their sides.

Perhaps this is a good time for you to assess your book collection, if you haven’t already. To organize the books, you can choose various options that fit your personality. For instance, you can arrange the books by their color to make bold statement. Or, you can arrange them by their subject for easier sorting. You can also change the directions in your shelves by stacking your books horizontally and/or vertically.

Some Tips on How to Decorate Shelves in the Living Room