Some Writing Table Ideas for Preschool

Do you want to spark interest in writing table for your preschool kid? If so, you need to add playful learning element to the table. There are many options you can do it. Below are some writing table ideas for preschool you can apply.

Adding Alphabet Rocks is a good idea. You can introduce alphabet to your child in a playful way. Or, if your child has started to read, you can add Sight Word Rocks. Another good option is Letter Stamps. They are appropriate for children of all ages. Additionally, they can be pressed into clay or play dough or used with ink pads on paper. You may want to add Scrabble Letters later as your child reading skill increases.

To encourage your child to start writing, you can add a Mail Box. There is also Post-It Notes with various shapes and colors to make your child interested in writing. Clipboard is a good addition too as it allows your child to take their writing wherever.

As you can see, there are many options you can choose from. The point is to make the writing table as interesting as possible yet still have learning element on it. Of course, every child is interested in different things, so adjust it to things that your child likes.

Some Writing Table Ideas for Preschool