Space-Saving 10 Inch Offset Toilet for Your Compact Bathroom

When dealing with a small bathroom, the size of the room is indeed an ultimate challenge. It’s especially true for compact bathrooms in which the 12-inch toilet options are less likely to fit the space. Depending on the size of the bathroom, a 10 inch offset toilet may be a more feasible option to install.

Well, how can you figure out the right toilet size for your bathroom, such as the 10 inch rough in toilet? Record the distance between the waste pipe and the wall usually will do. And for a more accurate result, measure to the middle of the closest bolts screwed into the floor with a tape measure.

Just like other toilet models that are bigger in size, the 10 inch offset toilet models are also offered with various features to make it a more convenient fixture to use every day at home. For instance, there are options from American Standard with a special finish for the bowl surface to help fight against bacteria, keeping the bathroom a clean and hygienic space for everyone.

Comfort surely becomes a concern when you have to install a 10 inch offset toilet. Luckily, you can go for options with standard height or even comfort height that will make it more comfortable for people to sit on the toilet. And of course, regardless of the brand, you can enjoy more conveniences as long as you’re willing to spend extra money.

Space-Saving 10 Inch Offset Toilet for Your Compact Bathroom