Standard Size for Measurements of a Shower Curtain Guide

If you have ever showered with a curtain that is too short it feels uncomfortable because water leaks everywhere. Make sure the right measurements of a shower curtain before buying a new shower curtain. It is because the shower curtain is commonly designed according to the size of the bath tub. This guidance will help you measure the exact measurements of a shower curtain.

  • Liners

You will find variant sizes of the curtain liners. The liners can start in 70 inches by 72 inches length. Meanwhile, if you need an extra length, it runs from 70 inches by 84 inches. An extra wide liner made in 144 inches by 72 inches. Furthermore, the 54 inches by 78 inches liners are adjusted to the shower stalls.

  • Width

In order to determine the width of the ideal curtain, there is a general formula. Measure the entire length of the curtain rod and is added by 12 inches long. It is a fitting size for the width of the curtain to reach 2 sides of a separate wall. In brief form, this will be:  Shower Curtain Width = Shower Width + 12”.

  • Height

How to measure the height of the curtain is measured from the bottom side of the curtain rod to the floor. Then, subtract it by 10 inches to hang the curtains. Hang a rod 1 to 2 inches lower to keep the curtains closed outside the tub, if needed.

Standard Size for Measurements of a Shower Curtain Guide