The Most Updated Info about Average Cost to Redo a Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms that can be adapted to produce because of the high rate of return on investment. The average cost to redo a kitchen is money that you can count on for high resale value. So whether you are building a new kitchen, you need to make the right decision, to make some improvements or update the existing kitchen. A kitchen size job, including the quality and complexity of the problem – the average cost for a kitchen remodel will depend on several factors.

  • < $1.000 – $20.000

These budget ranges include a redo for a small up to middle size of a kitchen. This can be spent when you try to do your own DIY to redo your kitchen. Moreover, if the homeowners are willing to spend until $20.000, it can produce such a high class project. If you have an extra budget, you can repaint the kitchen. Additional, if you want to have a wider kitchen, you can choose white paint as the base color.

  • >$20.000

If you have budget above $20.000, all you wish for your kitchen can come true. You are able to replace all the counters and reinstalling new cabinets. You cannot only add some new design features to your kitchen, but also can expand storages and spaces.

Afterwards, where all the money goes? Primarily, most of the money spent for cabinets and hardware. It costs 29% from your budget. Following the cabinets, appliances and ventilation use 14% of your budget and 10% for countertops. The flooring needs 4% of your budget.  Lighting, walls and ceiling spend 5% each of your budget. Meanwhile, 4% of the budget goes for each of faucets and plumbing, design, doors and windows. Lastly, 17% is for labor if any and 1% for others.

The Most Updated Info about Average Cost to Redo a Kitchen