The Right Fabric for Fitted Tablecloths for Folding Tables

Planning to make fitted tablecloths for folding tables? Many people use folding tables in their workshops, as they are less pricey. However, folding tables might come with a non-classy image. If you are having customers over, you might not want them to see how cheap-looking your workshop is. Therefore, a fitted tablecloth becomes the solution.

The difference between tablecloths for ordinary tables and tablecloths for folding tables is that the tablecloth for folding tables usually fit-covers the tables until the legs. This is to hide the cheap-looking legs of the table. Moreover, a tablecloth can make your tables looking more classy compared to how it used to be, don’t you agree with this?

The confusion comes when many people start to ask about what kind of fabric we should use for this tablecloth. Many people think that it should be something elastic. However, some others think that it should not be that elastic. Meanwhile, we think that the best choice of fabric for this case goes to canvas and heavy muslin.

These fabrics are elastic but they are not ‘that’ elastic. They can still give a fitted look. Moreover, they are very laundry-friendly. If you are going to make them by yourself, make sure that you overestimate the size to anticipate any shrinkage on your tablecloth.

The Right Fabric for Fitted Tablecloths for Folding Tables