Thermal Curtains 96 Inch Long: General Pros and Cons

The thermal curtains 96 inch long will make a great choice to hang in your room. It’s important to not mistake them with 96 inch blackout curtains since those are two different types. As for today, we will generally focus on the thermal curtains. Read on.

Just like any other thermal curtains, the thermal curtains 96 inch long have at least 2 layers: an insulating thermal lining and a drapery fabric layer. In some cases, the thermal lining is an interlining between the drapery fabric and a regular lining.

When being used along with valances and installed with some technical tips, hanging thermal curtains 96 inch long can help decrease the loss of energy that escapes through the window by up to 25%. You may find those which thermal lining is a blackout thermal lining, which may also deliver blackout functionality to your window treatment.

Thermal curtains, however, are heavy. Thus, substantial hardware is required to anchor the fabrics to the wall securely. They’re rarely sewn, considering the weight, and it’s best to leave the construction to the professional drapery maker. They’re not suitable for dry-cleaning. Extra care is required to maintain thermal curtains, especially since the drapery fabric isn’t washable.

Thermal Curtains 96 Inch Long: General Pros and Cons