Three Types of Toilet Tank Flapper Types that You Must Know

Toilet has several parts, one of which is flapper. Flapper is an important part in the toilet flushing system. Flapper is the main component of the flush valve. So, we need to know about the toilet tank flapper types. Different types will have different and unique function. It all deals with the efficiency of your flushing toilet system.

  • Disk Chair

The toilet seat flapper toilet is the oldest flapper toilet. This flapper type has a small circular disk covering the overflow tube, preventing water from flowing through it. This toilet seat uses a water-filled reservoir as a handle to hold the flapper open when you flush. There is a plastic tube below, which is attached to the overflow tube with a hinge. When the toilet is flushed, the entire tip of the mechanism and flapper shows the overflow pipe.

  • Rubber flappers

This flapper is installed based on modern toilet design, working like caps attached to the chain. How it works? It has a chain to lift the flapper and give track to water for passing through the hole. The chain will lower the flapper to cover the hole when all water has flushed out.

  • Tank Ball

How the tank ball works is to pull the chain mounted on the rubber ball then pull it straight up. After that, move it from the overflow pipe so that water can pass through it. However, if the chain is too long, the chain cannot be lifted when you flush. Otherwise, if the chain is too short, the rubber ball cannot cover the overflow pipe.

Three Types of Toilet Tank Flapper Types that You Must Know