Types of Foam Cushion Inserts for Chairs

Are you looking for replacement sofa cushion inserts? There are many types of foam cushion inserts for chairs. To choose the right one for your cushions, you need to be familiar with them. No need to worry, though. Here we will tell you some types of those foams. Let’s start.

Luxury and Standard Medium Foam

There are two kinds of luxury and standard medium foams: soft and firm. Both are the ideal options for armchairs, sofas and mattresses. Typically, soft foams have soft to medium feel while firm foams have medium to firm feel.  For a medium to soft seating, you should go for the luxury soft foam. For a better support, you should go for luxury firm foam. For chairs and general use, the standard soft foam is the better option. And for dinner chair, the standard firm foam is what you need.

Laminated Memory Foam

If you want foam cushion inserts for chairs that give you incredible shape and comfort, you may want to go for laminated memory foam. Basically, this is a memory foam (a foam that leaves a shape of your hand when you press/grab it) laminated on to a supportive base foam, which can be soft or firm. This is the reason why it provides you with great shape and comfort.

These two are the most common options for chairs. What do you think? Which one you will use as inserts for your chair?

Types of Foam Cushion Inserts for Chairs