Want to do Replacement Stained Glass Door Panels? You Can Do it by yourself!

The stained glass door makes your house has a beautiful first impression to those who come across to your house. You can order it custom in many manufacturers so that you will have a stained glass door as your desire. You can measure its size and plan the style and think about the prize before you install the stained glass door to your house. If you bored with the existing stained glass panel, you can change the stain only without fully replacing the existing door. Want to do replacement stained glass door panels? Keep on reading!

4 Simple Steps to Replace Stained Glass Door Panels

  1. Prepare the Tools

You need to prepare the tools as follows to support you to replace the stained glass door panels; A Meters, Utility Knife, Screwdriver, Safety Glasses.

  1. Measure the length and the Width of the Door

It is important to measure the length and the width of your stained glass door before you replace your old stained glass door with the new one. Use your meters to measure the dimension. Make sure that you do it correctly because it will double your work if you do it wrong.

  1. Replace and Install the Stained Glass

To replace the old stained glass, you need to remove the screw covers using screwdriver. Remove all the attached screws and the internal frame of the stained glass. Then, put your knife to cut the paint line so that you can remove the remaining adhesive easily. After all the screws are loosened, you can remove the existing glass by pushing it from the inside into the outside. Last, scrape the remaining adhesive with the knife to smoothen the surface so you can install the new stained glass easily.

  1. Fasten the Wooden Stops

After you install the stained glass to the frame, you can fasten the wooden stops with small finish nail, depends on how thick the wooden stops are. Make sure that you nailed it properly for if not, it can damage easily due to the loosen frame. Also, if you do it wrong, it can easily breaking and cracking even by a small amount of vibration.

By doing 4 steps above, you can replace the stained glass door directly behind the existing door to cost less and to save construction time.

Want to do Replacement Stained Glass Door Panels? You Can Do it by yourself!