Wedding Decorations for Church Chairs Ideas

What do you need to consider in decorating church chairs? First and foremost, the theme of the wedding, second, color scheme. And lastly, overall look of the wedding ceremony. These are important to consider. After all, if the decoration is too much it will burden the wedding atmosphere. Too little and it underwhelms. If you are looking for some insights, here are wedding decorations for church chairs ideas.

Bridal Accent, This decoration can be done by using fabric and looping them around the chair’s back. This decoration is ideal for just about any wedding. Of course, you need to add different touch for different situation. For instance, for indoor venue wedding it is a good idea to add more fabric. For outdoor wedding, lighter choices are preferred.

Ribbon decoration is a good way to accentuate the look of simple barred chairs. All it requires is just a touch of pigment. There are various length and shades of color you can choose from which can be used to transform any venue. What you need to do is simply to take the ribbon, fold the ribbon in half on the upper part of the chair’s back and put the ribbon’s loose ends through the loop over the chair’s bar.

You can use pillow as decorations for the chairs. Just as bridal accent, different situation will need different touch. In this case, ballroom ceremony wedding will need gemmed cushions while country wedding will need burlap pillows.

Wedding Decorations for Church Chairs Ideas