What Causes Black Mold in Bathroom and the Remedy

Not many know what causes black mold in bathroom. Most people do not really try to find out the causes of black mold in their bathroom and they usually just get right to the remedy. However, knowing so well of what actually causes something bad can actually help you in fixing it and also preventing it from coming back again. Therefore, in this case, we are going to tell you about what actually causes black mold in your bathroom.

Black mold –or what actually is Stacybotrys, grows on materials with high cellulose and low nitrogen content. They grow in places with excessive humidity.  They can grow fast when there is moisturizing water damage, water infiltration, flooding or condensation. Therefore, it is quite common to see black molds in bathroom as it holds excessive humidity especially when there are leaky toilets or sinks.

To find a black mold is not difficult. Once you see or smell it, the probability to have it in your bathroom is huge. Once it is confirmed that black molds have been sitting nicely in your bathroom, you need to immediately do the remedy. Strip any sealant away which has black molds on it. Clean your bathroom with mold-killing products. There are many kinds of mold-killing products and you can choose whichever suits you. However, do not ever mix them as it will give toxic effects.

As you have treated the black mold and stripped them away from your house, it is important to prevent them from coming back again. Now that you have known about the cause of the black molds, all you need to do is to avoid getting your bathroom too humid. Use your bathroom fan more frequently especially when and after you take a bath. That way, the humidity of your bathroom can be lessened and getting black molds will not be as frequent as before.

What Causes Black Mold in Bathroom and the Remedy