What is a Macerating Toilet? Tips for Installation at Home

What is a macerating toilet? According to macerating toile definition, this is basically a toilet system that allows you to install a toilet at some distance away from the main waste pipe or soil stack of your home. This also includes installation below it, which makes it a choice common to use for a basement bathroom.

The next to ask aside from what is a macerating toilet is how it works. This type of toilet, in general, shreds and then liquefies the waste to be carried out easily to the waste line through a small pipe. Special installation requirements are necessary when it comes to a macerating toilet, yet it doesn’t mean they’re impossible to install.

In other words, what is a macerating toilet? It’s a toilet with a macerating tank sitting behind the toilet, which is directly fed to process the wastewater and waste then evacuating tem through the discharge pipe with the help of the electric pump.

Usually, the tank and its plumbing can be seen in the bathroom. However, depending on the placement, it can also be hidden with the use of a longer extension piece so that it’ll connect the toilet. A removable wall panel should also be installed behind the toilet for access to the tank when repairs are needed.

What is a Macerating Toilet? Tips for Installation at Home