What is a Plasma Table? A Brief Introduction to Guide You

Plasma table, or CNC cutting table, is a tool recommended to use when plasma cutting is being carried out, either by humans or a plasma cutter machine. However, what is a plasma table actually? In general, the table is designed to provide better protection as the process is being performed.

So, what is a plasma table? The table is often built by some manufacturers specializing in plasma cutting. Some tables even feature the cutter already built into them. With the CNC cutting table, this type will allow the computer to control the head of touch that produces clean sharp cuts.

The more modern types of CNC cutting table will also allow the opportunities of complex welding seems to be done, considering the capability to cut thick material in multi-axis. Meanwhile, for thinner material, the cutting process will be done through laser cutting.

Traditionally, the cutting tables were horizontal. However, vertical plasma cutting tables can also be found as well. This type of plasma cutting table thus can provide you with a smaller footprint, making it ideal to save floor space. Also, this also helps improve flexibility and accommodate faster operation and optimum safety. Hopefully this brief explanation will do nicely to answer your “what is a plasma table?” question.

What is a Plasma Table? A Brief Introduction to Guide You