What Is a Summer Kitchen?

Today’s summer kitchen and original summer kitchen definition is different. This is mainly caused by the shifting in functionality. Back in the old days, summer kitchen was an area where cooking was done, placed separately from the main house. This was done so the main house will not get hotter. After all, the cooking portion of the house was not pleasant to be in since they were smoky and hot. So, what is a summer kitchen in today’s world?

There is a dramatic change in the definition of summer kitchen. Back then it was a separate place where you cook to avoid heat in the main house. Today, it is a place where you spend time and hang out with your friends and family members.

Today’s summer kitchen is an outdoor room with an oven, table(s) and chairs, sink and cabinets. Some summer kitchens even include refrigerator and fireplace. In short, summer kitchen is an outdoor kitchen.

If you add a summer kitchen in your house expands your living space significantly. Especially, if you have sliding glass doors which lead to the summer kitchen. By doing so, you make your living space appear much larger than it actually is. It is also a great way to increase the house and property value.

What Is a Summer Kitchen?