What Is Butcher Block Made Of?

Originated in China, a butcher block is a sturdy base that allows meat butchering. Due to act of chopping on them, butcher block is also known as chopping block as well. Butcher block used to be anything that could pass for a block. For instance, a log round or even tree stump. Today, it is different; they are also made of different materials. What is butcher block made of, then?

Grain is typically used to make butcher block. There are many butcher blocks made of edge as well as end grain. Between these two, the end grain is the better option. Let’s see why this is the case, starting with end grain.

With end grain, the end of wood fibers is exposed. This in turn makes the butcher block more resistant to scarring and cuts. Sometimes, even “self-heal” over time since the fibers’ density will push back into place.

Edge grain, on the other hand, has the grain running along the outside and thus, has no benefits that end grain has. The difference between edge and end grain is so significant. In fact, some butcher blocks made with softwood end grains are superior to those made with hardwood edge grains. If you are looking forward to buying butcher block, you should consider one that is made of end grain.

What Is Butcher Block Made Of?