What Is Length of Table to Seat 10?

A dining table is important for many events. From holiday meals to intimate dinner, it is important to know the proper size of the table and how many people it can seat. Of course, the larger the table size, the more people it can seat. Let’s say you want to seat 10 people. What is the length of table to seat 10? Before we get to the answer, let’s get to know dining table sizing first.

Start with deciding the table shape. The ideal table shape depends on the shape of the room you will use. For instance, if the room has a rectangular shape, the ideal table shape will be rectangular or oval. After you decided the table shape, it is time for to decide the size.

What is the proper size of a dining table to seat 10 people? To seat 10 people, you will need about 120 inches long rectangular or oval table. 120 inches will allow your guests to sit comfortably, with the right amount of space in-between them.

You can use a smaller (a bit smaller, not a lot smaller) table if you want in an informal setting, as you can squeeze more people in. Also, using a dining table with pedestal base will be great since it provides more leg room, making it even more comfortable for your guests.

What Is Length of Table to Seat 10?