What Is the Best Plant to Have in Bedroom?

Did you know that having a plant in your bedroom can make you sleep better? There are plants that do. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to add these plants to your bedroom. Below are some examples of the best plant to have in bedroom.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well known for its curative properties. From helping to heal cut wounds faster to helping digestion. But, that is not all. Aloe vera can also help us in different way: providing fresh and clean air during nighttime. This in turn helps you to get a more restful sleep. Aloe vera is very easy to take care of since it neither need frequent watering nor special care.

Peace Lily

Just like aloe vera, peace lily can help clear the air in your room. But it can do more. Peace lily can also help to increase humidity of your room, up to 5%. This is very useful, especially if you live in dry climates. Peace lily is a low-maintenance plant. You just need to water it once a week and it will be enough.


Jasmine has been known to help relaxation for centuries. This plant with sweet scent and lovely white flowers can help you relax and help you sleep better. As a matter of fact, jasmine is known to have sedative properties which can lead to reduced sleep movement as well as improved sleep efficiency.

What Is the Best Plant to Have in Bedroom?