What Size Tablecloth for 8ft Rectangular Table?

When you hold an event with a lot of tables in it such as wedding party or dinner party, providing a good tablecloth is an essential thing to do to pleas your guests. Good tablecloth comes with the exact perfect size that matches your tables as well. Mostly used table is usually the 8ft rectangular table that can sit 8 people around. To get the good one of what size tablecloth for 8ft rectangular table approximately?

Before getting into the exact sizes, you need to know first the difference between half drop, full drop, as well as puddle drop. Drop is the measurement of how long your table cloth will drape down to the floor. Half drop means only half the height of the table, full drop means exactly as long as the height of the table, and puddle drop mean your tablecloth will spread out on the floor because it drapes down longer than the height of the table.

For an 8ft rectangular table, the half drop needs about 60 x 126 in. rectangular tablecloth, the full drop needs 90 x 156 in. rectangular tablecloth, and for the puddle drop usually for this size of table people prefer not to use the puddle drop way.

In conclusion, to be able to use a perfect table specifically the 8ft rectangular table, you will need to decide first how long you will choose to drape down the tablecloth, the half drop, full drop, and it is not recommended to use the puddle drop. After that, determine the exact sizes of the tablecloth.

What Size Tablecloth for 8ft Rectangular Table?